Use This Checklist for Honda Repair in Salt Lake City Prior to Hunting Season

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An ATV or UTV makes hunting in the winter more enjoyable. You can cover more ground, and when you successfully find your quarry, it is easier to take it back to camp. However, this convenience will be short-lived if you break down miles from camp with loads of gear to carry. This checklist for Honda repair in Salt Lake City will keep your ATV running (no matter its make or model) during your hunting trips:

  • Watch tire pressure: The optimal tire pressure for your ATV depends on the make, model, weight and features. No matter what you drive out there in the bush, tire pressure makes a big difference in winter traction. It requires a tire pressure lower than your everyday vehicle, but when it gets too low, it leaves your tires vulnerable. You can get a flat or blow out at a time when you least desire it. Read your owner’s manual, know your ideal tire pressure and check it every time you go out—especially if your vehicle sat overnight in cold temperatures.
  • Mind the fluids: Coolant, oil and fuel treatments keep your ATV running at optimal performance as you put it through the worst. It is not uncommon for customers to overlook vital maintenance like getting the oil changed. Your owner’s manual will tell you where to check the oil, and also the best weight and type for your vehicle. Fuel treatments keep your engine clean and fuel lines clear. The coolant helps maintain good engine temperature, and you will know when it needs to be flushed out when you start noticing a burning smell.
  • Check bolts and nuts: When you are traveling over rough terrain and bouncing around, it is likely something will get knocked loose. That is why you should check every nut and bolt after taking a trip out into the field. Axle carrier bolts are frequently loosened by mere use, and failing to discover them can make your hunting trip unpleasant. Check the rubber protective boots around the drive shafts, too, so you know your suspension will stay intact.
  • Change your air filter: Air cycles through your engine to help it run. The air filter keeps the air coming in while keeping debris out. Otherwise, your engine ends up with dirt buildup that will negatively affect its performance. Check the air filter if you are just taking the ATV out of storage, and again when spring begins. The same is true if you only use your ATV intermittently. Not only can your air filter collect dust and reduce air circulation, but rodents will often nest in the air filters of ATVs, too.
  • Take a good look at your belts: Just as with your car, your ATV engine depends on a series of belts. Mainly present in the transmission, they allow you to shift gears without needing a manual clutch. While this is an efficient development, the belts can stretch and crack when you cruise through extreme terrain or make frequent water crossings. Once belts become worn or damaged, your ATV will not drive well and you will notice a bad odor.

For Honda repair in Salt Lake City, as well as maintenance on Honda and other makes and models of ATVs or UTVs, visit The Quad & Cycle Shop today.

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