Avoid ATV and Motorcycle Repair in Salt Lake City Through Effective Winterization

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Winterizing is an important part of ATV and motorcycle repair in Salt Lake City. This maintenance keeps these vehicles safe while you are using them less and they wait for warmer temperatures. Here are six ways to winterize your ATV, moped or motorcycle before you put it away for the year:

  • Clean it: Your vehicle will gather dust while in storage. Having this occur on top of road dirt is not good for the paint or chrome. Using a gentle detergent and water, remove any grime and insects. Do not spray water into the muffler, or you risk internal rust. Dry completely after washing and clean and polish chrome surfaces. Wax all surfaces and clean any chains. Use WD40 to remove built-up residue on the chain and apply lubrication. Cover it if you want extra assurance that dirt will not compromise its appearance or cause corrosion.
  • Stabilize the fuel tank: Taking this step reduces the corrosive effects of fuel as it ages. Start by filling the tank with fuel as far as it will go. Add a fuel stabilizer and run the bike so the mixture enters the carburetor. After that, run the engine dry. This cleans the carburetor and fuel injectors and reduces the impacts of aging fuel.
  • Empty the float bowls: This only applies if you have a motorcycle with a carburetor. You will first shut off the gas petcock, which will help you access the float bowls. Consult your manual for the location of the drain screws. If your motorcycle or quad is a fuel-injected model, you will not need to take this step.
  • Change the oil and filter: Letting old oil sit in your engine will corrode it, and you may discover a bad surprise next spring. That is why you need to change the oil and filter before you put your quad or motorcycle into storage. You can do this at home following your manufacturer’s instructions, or make a service appointment with a repair specialist. Your ATV or motorcycle is better off being stored with clean oil, since that means fewer toxins threatening to damage your engine.
  • Clean around the spark plugs: Using a spark plug wrench, remove the wires and the plugs. You can ease them out using the wrench and a little oil. Tuck the wires in where they will be safe, and spin the motor so oil is evenly distributed. This helps with preservation while your vehicle is not running and reduces the possibility of rust. Once done cleaning and oiling, replace the plugs and wires.
  • Address your battery: Cold temperatures and sulfite buildup can ruin your battery. Applying Vaseline on the terminals can also reduce the chance of corrosion. However, removing the battery is the best way to assure it does not lose power or leak while in storage. If you can complete that task easily, err on the side of caution and know this effort will make starting your ATV or motorcycle much easier next spring.

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