Ensure a Great Ride with Motorcycle Accessories in Salt Lake City

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Besides your bike, you also require motorcycle accessories so you can ride safely. Many of these keep you safe and also help with more enjoyable rides by making the operation of your motorcycle easier. Here are five motorcycle accessories in Salt Lake City for you to consider using every time you ride:

  • Helmet: Utah only requires helmets for those under 18. However, it is only good sense to wear one even when the law does not require it. They can make the difference between suffering a week of concussion symptoms or being permanently disabled or dead. Motorcycle helmets are made of specialized Styrofoam layers that reduce the amount of impact when you hit the pavement. This prevents significant head injuries, serious neck strains and even death. When you buy a helmet, try on several to be sure they fit securely. You want your helmet to fit well enough to not move around on your head, but not be so tight as to make your head feel like it is in a vise. If your helmet is comfortable, you are more likely to wear it, too.
  • Gloves: Hand protection is also important. Your hands will be the first to hit the ground as you fall, since you will instinctively attempt to catch yourself. No amount of mind training seems to break this habit, so take steps to protect your hands. Otherwise, you risk road rash and fractures. Buy specialized motorcycle gloves that secure snugly at your wrists. Your typical fashion gloves will not work here.
  • Headphones: Headphones and ear buds allow for communication when you are riding with a companion. They also protect your hearing from loud road noise and motorcycle engines. You also have the option to listen to music as you ride, although you want to avoid having it loud enough to drown out the road noise around you—you still need to stay aware of your surroundings, but this accessory can make some aspects of motorcycle riding much easier.
  • Boots: Motorcycle boots are a safety device and fashion statement all in one. You need the protection for your feet and ankles, since flip-flops will only be a guarantee of future injury. You do not have to be in an accident to suffer—stopping can cause scrapes and bruises with the wrong footwear. Motorcycle boots provide grip when you brake on slippery surfaces and protect you from the hot asphalt. Work or combat boots are good choices, since they have good traction and a steel shank for protection.
  • Backpack: A backpack is a good accessory for stuff you prefer to have on your person or that does not quite fit in your saddlebags. You will want to find one specifically for motorcycle riding, since it will have straps and features that keep it on your back and balanced as you ride. Be careful not to make it too heavy or you may find it difficult to keep your motorcycle under control.

You can find motorcycle accessories in Salt Lake City and much more at The Quad & Cycle Shop. We look forward to providing all your motorcycle and quad needs.

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