The Proper Motorcycle Hand Signals: Tips from a Motorcycle Service in Salt Lake City

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Most people learn motorcycle hand signals when they’re preparing for their motorcycle license exams, but often fail to use them when they’re actually needed. As a result, many bikers out on the roadways have long since forgotten the proper way to signal while they’re on the road. This is bad news if you have damaged signal lights or are riding in a large group and need to communicate with other bikers.

With that in mind, our motorcycle service in Salt Lake City has compiled this list of proper motorcycle hand signals for your reference:

  • Left turn: Extend your left arm straight out to the left with your palm facing down. You can use this signal to either break from or lead the group.
  • Right turn: This lets the group you’re in know you are turning right, whether you’re leading the group or breaking from it. Hold up your left arm with your elbow bent 90 degrees, and point your clenched fist up toward the sky.
  • Stop: The “stop” signal should be used to send a chain of communication back to the last rider in the group. It is almost the inverse of the right turn signal. You bend your arm 90 degrees once again, but facing your hand down and keeping your palm open.
  • Speed up: This is a signal that is extremely useful for riders that do not have a lot of experience in groups. Leaders of the pack will use the signal to tell the rest of the group to match your pace. Extend your left arm, then begin swinging it upward.
  • Slow down: Again, this signal is extremely useful because of the type of force generated when braking the engine. It is the opposite of the “speed up” signal: extend your arm out to the left and then swing your open palm down toward the road.
  • Follow me: If you are designating yourself the leader of the motorcycle group, you can extend your arm forward and up at the shoulder, facing your palm out.
  • Road hazard: If you have noticed a hazard in the road, you are going to want to alert other riders traveling with you. The way you make the sign depends on where the hazard is located. If it is on the left, you are going to want to point with your left arm. If it is on the right, you will point with your right foot.
  • Single/double file: Easy enough—if you want to have riders form a single file or double file line, simply hold up one or two fingers.
  • Get off the highway: If you want to signal to your group that you need to pull off the highway, you extend your left arm and wave it from your head out to the side of the road.

Looking for more tips about communication while on the road with your bike? Contact The Quad & Cycle Shop, your motorcycle service in Salt Lake City, today and we’ll be happy to help.

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